We Are Expanding Our Music Lesson Program

It has long been known that music has great power and is important in many ways in our lives. What’s new is that many recent research studies show clear links between sustained participation in music and improved academic performance, social skills, and emotional health. Numerous studies have shown, for example, that music education can be a positive force on all aspects of a child’s life, particularly on their academic success. Music students achieve significantly higher grades in middle and high school and on standardized tests such at the SAT.

Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school. Physician and biologist Lewis Thomas studied the undergraduate majors of medical school applicants. He found that 66 % of music majors who applied to med school were admitted, the highest percentage of any group. For comparison, (44 %) of biochemistry majors were admitted. Also, a study of 7,500 university students revealed that music majors scored the highest reading scores among all majors including English, biology, chemistry and math.

NOVA Music Center is expanding its musical education offerings to allow music students of all ages affordable and convenient ways to make music a greater and more enjoyable part of your life.

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