Metz Band

Grace E Metz Middle School
9950 Wellington Rd
Manassas, VA

The following items are recommended by the band teacher (Bill Stevens) at Grace E. Metz Middle School

Bill Stevens’ Band Website


Exploring Music (Beginning Band)

Book: Sound Innovations for Concert Band Book 1

Jazz Band

Book: Dean Sorenson First Place for Jazz method Book


Each student should have the following items in class everyday:
  • A sharpened pencil
  • Your instrument
  • Your music and binder
  • At least three reeds (clarinets and saxophones) and water bottles (trombones)
  • At least two reeds (oboes and bassoons) and water canisters for soaking.


Optional Supplies
  • Music Stand
  • Metronomes
  • Chromatic tuner


Woodwinds (Clarinet, Sax, Oboe Bassoon)
  • Reeds for clarinet, sax, oboe, bassoon
Vandoren Traditional Reeds Beginning students should get 2.0 hardness
  • Cleaning kit
  • Woodwinds swabs
  • Sax straps
  • Various mouthpieces (woodwind)


Brass (Trumpet, Trombone)
  • Valve oil
  • Cleaning kit
  • Trombone cream
  • Small trombone spray bottle
  • Mutes
  • Sterisol
  • Various mouthpieces (brass)
  • Silver polish
  • Polishing rags

Each percussionist should have the following materials:

  • One pair hard xylophone mallets
  • One pair CT-3 medium Concert timpani mallets

One pair IP-LD Lavo Davila concert snare drum sticks (or equivalent)

Optional Percussion
  • Stick Bags
  • Drum pads


Bass Guitar
  • Bass guitar straps
  • Bass guitar strings
  • Bass Guitar cords


  • Breathing devices
  • Brass adapters
  • A pitch pipe, F – F or C – C
  • Yarn mallets
  • Concert snare sticks
  • Timpani Mallets
  • Timpani Tuners