Gibson ES 125 Gibson ES 125First available in 1941, the ES-125 was brought out as a successor to the ES-100. The ES-125 featured a single P-90 pickup, laminated body to mitigate feedback issues, and a wide profile for maximum acoustic playability. The original pickup had had 6 Alnico slug pole pieces. In 1950 the P90 transitioned to 6 adjustable poles between two Alnico 5 bar magnets. In the 1970s, all ES-125 models were discontinued and this well-liked electric guitar left the lineup to take a seat in Gibson guitar history.

Most players think it’s a great choice for jazz, blues and rockabilly. Among the more notable fans of the ES-125 are Sheryl Crow, George Thorogood, Wes Montgomery, and Izzy Stradlin. The guitar was well-loved due to its bright tone and playability, as well as the option of playing electrically or acoustically. It produces a welcoming tone that was preserved throughout its production history. Though Gibson ceased production in the 1970s the guitar still remains popular on the collector’s circuit.

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