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Famous Fender Stratocaster Players

Player Stratocaster Cherry Glazerr

Randy Bachman: The Guess Who, Bachman–Turner Overdrive (BTO)
Jeff Beck: Yardbirds
Adrian Belew: King Crimson,Talking Heads, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, and Nine Inch Nails.
Ritchie Blackmore: Deep Purple and Rainbow; The Blackmore Strat
Tommy Bolin:  Zephyr, James Gang and Deep Purple.
Bill Carson: credited by Fender as “the man for whom the Stratocaster was designed.”
Daniel Ceasar: Chance the Rapper
Eric Clapton:
Ry Cooder:
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Order Of Effects Pedals – A Basic Guide

Guitar effects pedals are the cornerstone of modern guitar tone. No matter which genre of music you are playing, you can still benefit from effects pedals given that you are using an electric guitar. With that said, the order in which you arrange your effects pedals is important. For many, this issue is a very personal one.

However, there are still some guidelines and unwritten rules that you don’t necessarily need to stick to completely, but will get you on the right track. Today we are going to take a look at those and talk a bit about what makes a solid signal chain.

Basic Order Of Effects Pedals

Different variations of pedal placement in your signal chain will give you different results. Finding something that works for you takes a fair bit of experimentation. However, if you are new to this, it is highly recommended that you stick to the basic order that is guaranteed to eliminate any conflict between pedals.

1. Tuners

If you are using a tuner pedal, it should always be the very first link in your signal chain. The reasoning for this is simple. A tuner pedal will give you the best results if the signal being fed to it is raw and clean. If you decide to put various modulation pedals between the guitar and the tuner, chances are that the readings will be all over the place. So, tuner goes first.

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Choosing The Style Of Your Electric Guitar – Is There a Difference?

Ever since electric guitars first appeared, you could see a difference in various designs. Right off the bat, Gibson’s flagship Les Paul was worlds apart from Fender’s top tier Stratocaster. As the market became even more diversified, these differences only grew to be more apparent. The question many people have today is whether or not the style of your guitar limits its use in any way? Let’s try to answer that question and see what hides beneath the surface.

There Is A Difference

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different types of tonewood

How Different Types of Tonewood Impact The Sound of Your Acoustic Guitar

Stringed instruments, for the entirety of their existence, have been dependent on the type of tonewood used to make them. That hasn’t changed even to this day, although modern electric guitars definitely minimize the impact of tonewood. When it comes to acoustic guitars, the type of wood used will still make a significant difference. Today we are going to talk about different types of tonewood and how they impact the sound of your acoustic guitar. By the time we are done, you should have a pretty clear understanding of this topic. Let’s get to it
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Effect Pedals

I love effect pedals! If you haven’t had an opportunity to play with a stomp box a it is time to head to a music shop. They are fun. What they do is alter the sound produced by your electric guitar. Actually, it is not limited to the electric guitar; pedals can alter the sound of any instrument. Stomp your foot and change the sound of any instrument as long as it’s sound is converted into an electric signal either through a pickup or a microphone. In other words, you got to get the sound into one of those fun little boxes somehow. Continue reading

How to Tune Your Guitar Quick and Easy

Tune it or die! You can find this message two guitar players written on T-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers. As a guitar player bangs and bends their strings, it will eventually go out of tune. Sometimes you go out at home, in practice or on stage. Every guitar player has been there. So turn on that handy electric tuner, clip it to your guitar, tune it and tune often. Your band mates and your audience will love you for it. Continue reading

Coated Strings?

Coated strings are more expensive but last longer.

I lived near the beach for a while.  With the salt air I couldn’t keep strings on my guitar until I put on coated strings.  Some people have sweaty hand or the body chemistry is a bit different and they go through strings faster than they want to. Coated strings may help.

Marty Friedman (Shrapnel Records)

If you’re a guitar player, and a lot of times guitar players think that they have to be able to play everything that exists. They have to know how to play everything. They think that they have to know how to play like this guy. They have to know how to play like this guy. They have to learn all of these different things, and that’s totally not true. All you have to do is be able to play your own music really, really, really, really well. Like for example, I could never, ever play like Jeff Beck. If I practiced every day for years, I could never, ever play like that, or Eddie Van Halen, or anybody. I could never, ever do it.

Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats)

Sometimes a young player will become blinded by the technique aspect and it will distract them from the bigger picture, which is of course you’re meant to write music and play music with other people, and play music to other people.

Nuno Bettencourt

I think the main thing is, for any guitar player, don’t just be a guitar player. Don’t be obsessed with guitar only. Be obsessed with the guitar, but also be obsessed with music and rhythm playing. You know, solos are just a small portion of the song. You will make your own history and be yourself amongst how you can play in a song. That will separate you from everybody else.

Phil Collen (Def Leppard)

I always say two things are very important to guitar players – you’ve got to be listening to the rest of the band, and the song is king. Everything else pales in comparison. You’ve got to make the singer sound great. And then the rhythm and melody follows. Be mindful of the song.  (City Pages)

Kirk Hammett from Metallica

When you’re first starting out, there’s always the temptation to hide behind distortion because it lets you get away with murder. But, when it comes to rhythm work, you’ve gotta back off that gain control a bit, especially if you’re playing with another guitarist. Actually, over the years, James and I have found that besides giving our tone more definition and cut, backing off the gain makes us play our riffs better because we can’t get away with being sloppy. (Guitar World)

Jack White

They need to quit playing video games, throw away their Auto-Tune program and cut three strings off their guitar. (NME)

Guitar Makers

Guitar Manufacturers

Barbara Guitars

The company was founded in 2001. “I have been playing, customizing and building guitars since I was seven years old. After a brief career at a local guitar icon – I started the company to build guitars on my own that the big guys wouldn’t build. I named the company as a tribute to my Mother who was my first music teacher and who had recently passed away.” Alan R. Kenyon Luthier/Owner


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Effect Pedals

I love effect pedals!  If you haven’t had an opportunity to play with a stomp box a it is time to head to a music shop. They are fun.  What they do is alter the sound produced by your electric guitar.   Continue reading