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Common Bach Mouthpieces


Depth Medium
Diameter 16.20mm
Medium wide, lowered toward the outside. Medium sharp inside. Well rounded edge with a perfect grip.
Probably the most widely used model in the world. Its brilliant tone is preferred by school musicians and by artists

Medium wide, well rounded toward the inside and outside, fairly flat.
For players with a strong embouchure who do not like a sharp edge. The tone is lively and rich.

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Notes on the Trumpet Mouthpiece

What to buy, what to buy. First problem, everyone is different physically, and this has a lot to do with picking the mouth piece that will help you get the sound you want. So, professional trumpet players often have a lot of mouthpieces. Some change mouthpieces every song. Some use the mouthpiece that came with the trumpet. What you are looking for is a mouthpiece that has a great sound, great projection, great range, great flexibility, and a rim that feels just right. Continue reading

Famous Trumpet Players and the Mouthpieces They Use

Many people find out what mouthpiece their favorite player use run out and get one for themselves. Everybody is different physically and so this almost always ends in disappointment. But it is still fun to see what they use.

Louis Armstrong: 7C Leblanc France and others Selmer, Schilke, Giardinelli, Bach
Eric Aubier: Bach 1 1/2C
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