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What strings should I use on my Ukulele?


Most Ukulele videos that we watch online feature a traditional island-y, warm and mellow sound, and that’s one of the reasons why so many people fall in love with the Uke. However, the sound that your Ukulele makes depends a lot from its strings and there are many types of strings out there to choose from, so it’s a good idea to spend some time learning about what are the ideal strings for your Uke. Continue reading

How to tune your Ukulele


One of the essential skills that you must develop as you learn to play the Ukulele is to be able to tune it effectively. A badly-tuned Uke will always sound poorly, no matter how proficient you are with strumming patterns. You have several options to choose from: Continue reading

How to Take Care of Your Ukulele

The Ukulele is a beginner-friendly musical instruments but you better make sure that you keep your Uke clean and in good condition, otherwise its sound quality might decline (not to mention its appearance). Here are a few pointers:
Continue reading

If you’re tired of offering the same old boring presents, try gifting someone a Ukulele!

Everybody I know has had at least one experience throughout their life where they didn’t know what to buy for a friend or a relative, and ended up buying a very random, uninteresting present, such as a picture frame, a scarf or a decorative candle. Well, I can’t think of a more unique and useful present than a Ukulele! The Uke is the ultimate gift: fun, useful, great for people of all ages, and cheap! It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of a present for your 5-year-old nephew or your 80-year-old uncle, the Uke can be enjoyed by everyone! It’s also useful for many stages of our lives: it enhances both kids’ concentration as well as academic results, it can help shy teenagers get comfortable with public performances, it offers a new opportunity to learn a musical instrument to those who had tried for years but never really succeeded, and it also promotes social interaction and cognitive stimulation for retired seniors. The Ukulele is also great for relaxation, brainstorming sessions and it also helps to kill time while we are waiting for someone. And to top it all, the Uke is also a cheap gift and requires very little maintenance! Continue reading

How I’m teaching my son to play the ukulele

I’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument and when I found out about the Ukulele I was beyond excited, because not only did it seem a somewhat easy instrument for me to pick up, but it also seemed a great fit for my 6-year-old son! It had the cool look of a guitar, only way smaller and less intimidating, and I also felt that if we began learning to play the Uke together it would be an amazing way for us to connect deeper with each other. Continue reading

7 Reasons to Take a Ukulele to College

“Are you really taking that?” When you’re packing for college, sometimes a little ruthlessness is needed. If there are clothes in your closet that haven’t seen the light of day for 6 months or more, what makes you think you’re suddenly going to start wearing them when you get there? Also, do you really need two games consoles? It’s a sad fact of life that Continue reading