Song Circle/Swap Agenda

A Introduction

We will introduce ourselves and discuss our vision for the group. This is the first session and I be there are a lot of ideas on where we should take this group. We will ask your input as to what your goals are.

B The Language of Music

We will briefly go over some common music speak so that we are on the same page. We will lightly touch on song structure and lead sheets.

Bring 12 to 15 copies of typed lyric sheets for your song. If you wish to present a song without lyrics, please provide a page with the title of your song and a description of the type of feedback you would like from the group.

  1. As soon as you arrive, sign in on the white board. People will present their song in the order they signed in on the list. If time allows, we will go down the list twice offering anyone to present a second song.
  2. Before you present your song, please direct the group to what you would like them to focus on: lyrics, melody, harmony, rhythm, musicality, structure, arrangement or something else.
  3. Hand out the sheets of your song to the group. Each person will write their name and the date in the top right hand corner of the paper.   As we listen to your song, each person will write down their thoughts on the paper you provide.Our goal will be to give honest, supportive, and constructive input.   As you listen to one another’s songs, listen for what makes songs work, or not work for you.  The writer’s goal should be to collect as many different ideas as possible and use that information to improve his or her work. An honest opinion is a hard commodity to come by, but remember, one person’s opinion is only that, one person’s opinion.
  4. Present your song by reading the lyrics, singing with or without an instrument, or playing a pre-recorded version. We will have a keyboard and a PA into which you can plug a phone available. If you need a guitar or other instrument please bring that with you.
  5. After you present your song, the group will discuss your song for a few moments and then return the papers to you.
  6. We will go down the list of names as time allows. If we do not make it completely through the list the remaining writers will go first at the next meeting.