NOVA Music Center provides a full range of repair services for string, brass, and woodwind instruments. Our technicians will play the instrument to evaluate its sound quality, locate any defects, and determine what is needed to keep your instrument in top playing condition.

We adjust string tensions to tune instruments using hand tools and electronic tuning devices; inspect instruments to locate defects and to determine the level of restoration required; repair cracks in wood or metal instruments; reassemble instruments following repair and lubricate as necessary; adjust trusses and bridges of string instruments to obtain specified string tensions and heights; repair or replace musical instrument parts and components such as strings, bridges, felts and keys; polish instruments using rags and polishing compounds, buffing wheels, or burnishing tools.

We do woodwind adjustments, cork replacement, repadding or overhauls, tenon repair and replacement, chemical cleaning of brass instruments, remove dents, remove stuck mouthpieces, do trombone slide work, do bridge fitting for orchestra instruments, peg fitting, guitar setups and refretting, nut and saddle replacement and electric guitar wiring.

We offer free estimates and provide loaner equipment for rental equipment while your instrument is being repaired. Insurance which covers the cost of repairs for rental equipment is available for instrument rental customers at time of rental.