Bill Stevens - Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Flute, Clarinet, and Sax

Mr. Bill Stevens has been the Director of Bands at Osbourn High School since fall of 2008. His band program consists of: symphonic band, concert band, chamber winds, percussion ensemble, marching band, basketball band and jazz band. Mr. Stevens received his Bachelor of Music Education (2002) and Masters of Music (2005) from Louisiana State University. He also earned his Masters of Management/ Public Administration degree through the University of Phoenix. Prior to his arrival at Osbourn, he served as the director of bands at North DeSoto High School in Stonewall, Louisiana and Widefield High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is currently a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia men’s music fraternity, Music Educators National Conference, Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association, and Virginia Music Educators Conference.

Mr. Stevens’ primary instrument is the trombone and he regularly performs around the Northern Virginia region. At Nova Music Center he is available to teach beginning piano, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, flute, clarinet, and sax. Mr. Stevens has a passion for teaching all levels of students and fosters the learning process to allow students to get the most out of each lesson. As a high school and former intermediate school band director Mr. Stevens’ students have worked together to win state championships and earn chairs in district and state honor bands.

Charlie Bare - Guitar and Beginner Piano

Charlie is a very active participant in the Washington D.C. And Northern Virginia musical communities. He got his start composing music for student films and has since collaborated on film festival award winning projects. Aside from composition and songwriting, Charlie has also performed at an extensive number of venues with his band, “The Charlie Bare Quartet”. Bringing over twelve years of experience with the guitar and another seven with piano, he is most content to be improvising with like-minded musicians and enjoys going with the flow. His genres of choice include jazz, blues and some forms of rock. When it comes to his teaching philosophy, Charlie tailors his lessons based on the varying goals of each student.

Chuck Manton - Drums and Percussion Instructor

Chuck is a very passionate Teacher who has been providing drum lessons in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area for 32 years. His drum instruction methods include: Learning the difference between orthodox grip and matched grip stick holding and the history behind it, control and technique. Reading drum music and by listening and memory. playing rudiments, syncopation, big band/swing, basic jazz, and rock patterns.

His extensive experience as a drummer is in both studio and live application performing in various groups from the Boston area to DC. Virginia and Maryland.

Clifford Blum - Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar

David Bartell - Ukulele

David Bartell played ukulele for many years, and specializes in getting beginners up and strumming.  He will tailor lessons to students’ needs and desires, using a structure that enables understanding of music on the ukulele.  This is far more than just learning a few songs – it is a foundation to grow as a musician.  Let’s raise your musical sails, and run with the Tradewinds!

Philosophy, as summarized on a 1920s ukulele decal:  “Music self-played is happiness self-made.”

Dennis Aguas - Bass

Don Sigety - Guitar and Drums

Don brings to his students a vast background of experience in both guitar and drums. He’s played both instruments for over thirty years. His teaching is geared to the beginner student and starts with providing a thorough understanding of the instrument and the fundamentals. Don has taught private lessons on guitar to kids and adults with a method he calls “First Year Guitar.” His objectives in teaching are to get the student playing immediately, focusing on engaging both hands, learning chords and building strumming patterns.  This creates a solid foundation for good acoustic playing as well as being an important skill for those who wish to transition to electric guitar. Don has also played drums in bands over the years both for fun and semiprofessionally. Don thoroughly enjoys teaching and playing music and wants to share this love of music with his students. His easy going style makes learning exciting and fun.

Ed Habis - Advance Jazz Piano

Ed Habis is a graduate from Shenandoah University Music Conservatory with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies in Piano Performance. He studied Jazz under Dr. Robert Larson (Jazz Piano Teacher, Instrumental Division), Mr. Alan Baylock, and Chief Arranger of the Airmen of Note. Dr. Craig Fraedrich (Performed in the Army Blues Jazz Ensemble).

Ed has performed on stage as a lead jazz pianist in the Shenandoah Music Conservatory Jazz Ensemble (Big Band) under the direction of Alan Baylock and Dr. Craig Fraedrich. Also, he has performed jazz music for piano drawing from his own arrangements of video game music into jazz and from his original compositions on influences and development of fictional story telling and visual animation. His jazz performance reflects jazz music from the early 1920’s to today’s modernistic jazz.

As a teacher, Ed enjoys teaching jazz music to people of all ages. His interests in teaching stems from his strong music foundation having learned empirical concepts of music and its practical applications to compose and perform and teach jazz piano along with other instruments. He likes to tailor his learning methods to encourage students to apply what is being learned.

Ed is an award winner of the 2009 Prince William County in Music Talent and Composition.  Ed also plays the violin and has played violin in the Manassas Symphony Orchestra.

Ed is native of Arlington, Virginia, but has travelled extensively overseas giving him a deep appreciation and understanding of cultural and language diversities and interpersonal enrichment to communicate with others effectively. During his childhood years, Ed was accompanied by his parents who were members of the U.S Diplomatic Service. He received his elementary education from the International British and American Schools respectively in Bangladesh, Niger and Yemen. Also, he visited countries in South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Latin America. He has a workable understanding of Spanish Language.

Joe Zani - Piano

Moses Kamai - Ukulele

Moses Kamai, a native Hawaiian and integral member of the DC Metro ukulele community, teaches beginner thru intermediate ukulele. Students learn to play the ukulele in bite-sized chunks targeted to their ability level. You also gain an understanding of melody, chords, and eventually harmony to enable you to play songs like the blues, swing, ragtime, old time, or even Hawaiian.

Moses is certified to teach the Ukulele in the Classroom (UITC) methods Levels 1, 2, & 3 as part of the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (JHUI) programs (https://www.ukuleleintheclassroom.com/). UITC certification is becoming popular globally since James Hill has established a sound and respected certification process. Moses is influenced by Master Ukulele players like Herb Ohta Jr., James Hill, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Daniel Ho, Ohta-San, and Peter Luongo. He also supports and follows the original singer/songwriter ukulele musicians like Victoria Vox & Jack Maher, Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel (now Mrs. Chee), Victor & Penny, and Aaron Keim.

Continuous improvement to his own musicianship, Moses is a member of the Luongo Ukulele Experience (LUE) Ensemble (https://luongoukulele.com/ensemble-project/). The LUE Ensemble is led by the renown, Peter Luongo. Peter Luongo taught and led the Langley Ukulele Ensemble (http://www.langleyukes.com/) for 35 years. With LUE Ensemble, Moses has over 20 performances over the last 24 months with the LUE Ensemble in Nevada and California. He will accumulate over 30 performances by end of July 2018 after adding Hawaii to the performance list. Performances include:

* the Peppermill Casino and Resort, the Nugget Casino & Resort including their showroom, St. Gall’s church, & Aria Music School in Reno NV;
* the Palm Springs Ukulele Festival and the Strum Shop in California;
* and in July 2018, the 48th Annual Ukulele Festival in Hawaii.

See him perform with LUE Ensemble (Moses is center, back row in middle of the Tenor section) at their latest performance in:

* 6th Annual Palm Springs Ukulele Festival: https://youtu.be/0IRsMs15jkI
* 10th Annual Reno Ukulele Festival: (forthcoming)

In addition to his private classes at NOVA Music Center in Manassas, VA, he has also taught at Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA), Tacoma Washington Ukulele Festival, Milwaukee Ukulele Festival, and a collection of ukulele players in the Seattle-Tacoma area at two other venues. He also runs and teachs at the Northern Virginia Ukulele Society (NVUS) and the Music Director of the Northern Virginia Ukulele Ensemble, a product of NVUS, leading many performances in the local DC metro area.

Ronda Sprague - Piano and Flute

Ronda believes in making the study of music a rewarding and enriching experience for students of all ages.  She is an active member of the Piedmont Music Club and many of her students participate in NFMC Manassas Festival.

In 2006, Mrs. Sprague became a licensed Musikgarten instructor. She has completed all levels of Musikgarten training and has participated in several workshops with exceptional teacher trainers including Lorna Heyge, Muiskgarten co-author, founder and company president; and Jill Hannagan, a co-author of the Musikgarten keyboard program and company vice president.

In 1983, she graduated from Butler University (Indianapolis) with a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Fine Arts. Throughout high school and college she participated in numerous bands, orchestras, ensembles and festivals. Her coursework in college included classes in music history, music theory and music education. While attending Butler she studied flute with Francis Fitzgerald, Associate Principal Flutist of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

She regularly attends area workshops and seminars to hone her teaching skills and get the latest information on teaching methods.

Ryan Van Staveren - Bass

I’ve been playing bass guitar since I was five years old. After high school, I moved to Los Angeles where i attended Musicians Institute. For the next 5 years I engulfed myself with many different styles of music including Funk, Jazz, Heavy Metal and Jazz fusion. I’ve been giving private lessons for the past 6 years and love to watch the progression of musicians. I’m very good at making music theory not seem like another language. It does not matter if you’ve been playing for 10 years or 10 days. I will be able to improve your playing and make you the player you’d like to be.

Samuel Runolfson - Cello, String Bass, Viola and Violin

Susannah McDonough - Cello, String Bass, Viola and Violin

Susannah Started taking violin lessons in the 5th. This Sparked her love of the orchestra world and pushed her through college where she graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Music Education. She is currently teaching elementary school strings in Fairfax County Public Schools.

In her time away from the classroom, She still fills her time with music and is a member of many of the local orchestras including The Piedmont Symphony Orchestra and the Washington Temple Orchestra while also being a regular performer with the Atoka and St. Charles String Quartets.