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    Our monthly rental fees are very competitive.

  • Trumpet$22.95-28.95
  • Clarinet$22.95-28.95
  • Flute$22.95-28.95
  • Alto Sax$33.95-42.95
  • Trombone$22.95-28.95
  • Piccolo$22.95-28.95
  • Violin$22.95-28.95
  • Viola$22.95-28.95
  • Cello$35.95-42.95
  • Tenor Sax$59.95-69.95
  • String Bass$59.95-69.95

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You may use the form below to put an instrument on hold. Instruments on hold can only be reserved for a short time and subject to availability. An employee will contact you to confirm your reservation. Please note that instrument availability is on a first come first served basis and some quantities are limited.


If renting an orchestra instrument (Violin, Viola, or cello) Please list the size your student needs. We cannot put an instrument on hold with out knowing what size you need.

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(we are currently out of Tuba's and French Horns)

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