Malinoski Rodeo Malinoski Rodeo Malinoski RodeoFor more than 25 years, Malinoski has applied his Master of Fine Art degrees in Woodworking and Functional Design with his creative vision to construct instruments that are aesthetically influenced by 21stcentury design. “I developed a system to mount the electronic components onto a single wooden plate that attaches to the front of the guitar body,” says Malinoski. “There is virtually no neck pocket—the three-piece neck is glued and screwed to the top of the body and the pickup plate rises up to meet the height of the neck.”

This approach allows Malinoski to sculpt and contour both the front and the back of the guitar to accentuate its form and eliminate the need for cover plates. He says the combination of woods and mounting the pickups directly to the wooden plate produces a truer overall tone that’s enhanced by sensing vibrations transferred through the body, as well as the strings. As for the reasoning behind the three-piece neck, he believes it “creates a stronger, more stable structure and prevents the neck from dead spots because it is unlikely all three pieces have the same resonant frequency alignment.” Premier Guitar

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