J Triggs J Triggs J Triggs

Tele shaped solid body electric guitar with a bolt on neck. This guitar weighs approximately 6 Ibs. 4 oz The swamp ash body was hand manufactured in the USA.

Typical 25 1/2″ scale with a 1 5/8″ bone nut on the neck.  The pickups (also manufactured in the US) are Seymour Duncan Broadcaster Pickups. The color is a custom spindrift color. It’s a flip-flop color that changes from a deep blue to a deep purple.  Jin Triggs has a world class reputation in the guitar industry for creating one of a kind art instruments. He worked for Gibson Guitars for sis years. During his tenure there he signed over 700 labels on archtop guitars as the head of the archtop guitar department.

Since 1992 Jim has built custom made archtops for Mundell Lowe. Pat Martina, Alan Jackson, Steve Miller, Ranger Doug Green, Marty Stuart and many others. Jim has also had a guitar in the Smithsonian Institute as part of Scott Chinery’s Blue Guitar Collection. Jim has worked in the past on a contract basis with these other notable companies: Cort Guitars, Martin Guitars, Washbum Guitars, TKL Inc. and Grover Trophy Inc.