Everybody I know has had at least one experience throughout their life where they didn’t know what to buy for a friend or a relative, and ended up buying a very random, uninteresting present, such as a picture frame, a scarf or a decorative candle. Well, I can’t think of a more unique and useful present than a Ukulele! The Uke is the ultimate gift: fun, useful, great for people of all ages, and cheap! It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of a present for your 5-year-old nephew or your 80-year-old uncle, the Uke can be enjoyed by everyone! It’s also useful for many stages of our lives: it enhances both kids’ concentration as well as academic results, it can help shy teenagers get comfortable with public performances, it offers a new opportunity to learn a musical instrument to those who had tried for years but never really succeeded, and it also promotes social interaction and cognitive stimulation for retired seniors. The Ukulele is also great for relaxation, brainstorming sessions and it also helps to kill time while we are waiting for someone. And to top it all, the Uke is also a cheap gift and requires very little maintenance!

From kids to seniors, everybody can learn to play and love this cool instrument, so next time you’re having a hard time to decide what to buy your uncle Steven, just go to a music store!