Here is a list of some of the fine guitars. To be honest, we have limited space and we will not be able to bring all of the 200 guitars on this list. If there is a couple of favorites that you may be interested in please let us know. Please call 703-335-5001 to reserve a spot.

Builder/Brand Model Type Year
Barbara Guitars LP style 711
Bastard Tele Electric
Bertoncini Custom S Type, NEW 2009
Bourgeois 000 OMC Acoustic 2005
Breedlove Calendar VI Revival OMM C/A
Breedlove C25–Custom Master Class Grand Concert 2004
Breedlove Classic XII 12-string
Breedlove Performance Series Focus Acoustic
Breedlove Focus D
Breedlove Mark IV Electric
Buscarino T-style
Carruthers S-style Electric
Carvin AE185
Carvin AE185
Carvin C66
Carvin C66
Carvin DC135
Carvin DC 150
Ceelen Spalted Maple Acoustic
Colletti Archtop Electric 2007
Collings OM-2 Cutaway 2001
Collings CL Deluxe Electric 2006
Collings City Limits Deluxe/electric 2007
CSP S-type
Custom Strat Electric
Custom Strat Scott Schroeder Electric
Danny West Custom Tele (NEW)
DeMarino Strat Custom
Fender Strat Electric 1974
Fender Strat Eric Clapton 1996
Fender Strat Electric 1976
Fender Tele Custom Electric 1975
Fender Strat 58 Custom
Fender Custom shop Electric 1996
Fender Strat Custom shop 2006
Fender Jaguar Electric 1966
Fender Tele-Custom shop Electric 2004
Fender Strat 1974
Fender Strat Electric
Fender Strat Tom Delonge
Fender Strat Custom Shop Nov-95
Fender Strat Electric 1973
Fender Telecaster Original Blond 1978
Froggy Bottom Style K 1999
George Gordonitski Master Guitar Strat type Electric 2008
George Gordonitski Master Guitar Jumbo Flattop (New) Acoustic 2008
George Gordonitski Master Guitar LPM Pro Prototype Brazilian (New) 2008
George Gordonitski Master Guitar Cremona Deluxe
Gibson LPR9 Electric 1999
Gibson LPR9 Electric NEW
Gibson J-200 Elite Acoustic 2005
Gibson 100th Anniv. J-45 1994
Gibson CF-100E Centennial 1994
Gibson ES-125 Electric-Acoustic 1950’s
Gibson ES-125
Gibson ES-125
Gibson ES-150 1947
Gibson ES-175 Electric-Acoustic 1950
Gibson ES-175 1952
Gibson ES-175D Blonde 1954
Gibson ES-225T 1958
Gibson J-160E Electric-Acoustic
Gibson L-7C Cutaway 1949
Gibson L-48 Archtop Acoustic
Gibson L-4c Blonde Archtop acoustic 1951
Gibson LP Electric 2001
Gibson LP Supreme Electric
Gibson LP Elegant Custom Shop 1997
Gibson LPR9 Electric
Gibson LPR7 Electric
Gibson LPR7 Electric 2006
Gibson LPR7
Gibson LPR8 Electric
Gibson LPR9 Electric
Gibson Melody Maker Electric 1967
Gibson SG 1969
Gibson SG Jr 1965
Gibson SJ45 Deluxe 1996
Gibson LPR9 Flametop 2003
Gibson AJ Custom w/Brazilian (verified) 2000
Gibson ES-125 TC 1965
Gibson ES-150 1940-42
Gibson ES-345 TDW 1968/69
Gibson Johnny A Electric 2003
Gibson LP 57 Black Beauty Custom Shop NEW
Gibson LP Supreme Root Beer Nov-05
Gibson SJ-200 Acoustic
Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Electric 2000
Godin LGX
Goodall Jumbo cutaway Acoustic
Gorodnitski Baby Grand Acoustic NEW
Hagstrom Electric 12-String Electric 1966
Highline Electric NEW
JMP Custom S-style NEW
Kauer Daylighter JR Oct-11
Kevin Clark A-Wedge Jumbo Acoustic
Kingslight Acoustic Cutaway small jumbo K-36 (NEW)
Kinscherff Troubador Acoustic 2000
Kinscherff Concert Acoustic 2004
Langcaster Guitar NEW Electric
Langejans R-6 Acoustic 2004
Langejans RBC-6 Grand Concert Acoustic 2005
Langejans R-6 Acoustic 2001
Langjans R-6 Acoustic 2005
Langjans Del Acoustic
Lipe Twisted Soldato NEW
Lipe Soldato Tele style
Lipe Soldato NEW
Lipe S-type Masterbuilt NEW-2010
Lipe S-type Virtuoso NEW-2010
Lipe Custom F Hole
Lipe (Guitar Doctor) S-type
LIPE Custom Shop Twisted Soldato Tele style 2009
Lubos Naprstek Archtop Acoustic NEW 2007
Magic Frank T-style
Magnum Opus X-Elite Auditorium Acoustic
Magnum Opus KOA D-75K Dreadnaught
Magnum Opus
Malinoski Hondo NEW
Malinoski Rodeo May-10
Malinoski Rodeo
Malinoski Rodeo
Martin D-41 Acoustic 2004
Martin Steve Miller OOOC-SM Signature Edition 2004
Martin D-35 Acoustic 1966
Martin 000-28 EC Acoustic 2002
Martin HD-28V Acoustic 2004
McCurdy Moderna 16″ Archtop 1997
McElroy 00 12 fret acoustic 2002
McInturff Empress Mar-99
Moonstone Flying V
Morgan CK Concert Acoustic 2007
Parker Fly Electric 1994
Pat’s Guitars Telecaster “Worlds Best”
Post Skyline (NEW) Electric Built 5/20/09
PRS Custom 22 2003
PRS Hollowbody I
PRS Hollowbody 2009
PRS 20th Anniversary 2005
PRS McCarty Maple top
PRS Semi-hollow w/ Piezo 2004
PRS Hollowbody I (NEW)
Rusch Guitar mini arch
S. Talkovich Tele Style prototype 1996 or 97
Sadowsky Vintage T-Style Electric 2008
Sadowsky Vintage T-Style
Sadowsky NYC T-style Custom
Sadowsky Jim Hall
Sco Go Guitars Jazz semi-hollow
ScoGo Small body
Scott Schroeder David Gilmour Strat Reproduction
Soloway Swan
Suhr Custom Classic Strat 2006
Suhr Classic Strat Electric
Suhr Standard w/ Fishman power bridge
Suhr Classic T Electric 2007
SUHR Classic Electric
Taylor T5-C1 2005
Taylor T5 Custom 2006
Taylor SBX Solid body
Teuffel S-style
Thweet, Judy Mini Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic 2003
Timtone Blowfish 2002
Treker Electric Strat copy NEW USA
Triggs Acoustic Custom 2002
Triggs San Salvador NEW 2007
Triggs Jazz Master 2002
Triggs Custom shop Jazzbox NEW
Triggs LP style NEW
Triggs Hollowbody Custom
Triggs San Salvador Archtop 2006
Triggs Telecaster Electric
Turner, Rick Model 1
Turner, Rick MO-611 CP
Turner, Rick Model 1 Featherweight
UNKNOWN Trey Anastasio Electric
Victor Baker Custom 17″ Archtop
Victor Baker LP style Electric NEW
Victor Baker Bop 17″ Archtop
Victor Baker Solid Body (NEW)
Warrior 55 Throwback
Warrior Custom Shop
Warrior Guardian Electric 2001
Warrior Isabella – Tiger Burst
Warrior Dran Michael Isabella
Warrior Custom Electric
Warrior Isabella White sunburst 2012
Warrior Isabella Custom
Warrior Signature (NEW)
Wayne Guitars Custom 62 Strat by Wayne Charvel 2003
Williams Kiwi
WR T-style Set neck
Zerberus Hydramark II Electric NEW
Zimnicki Mini-jumbo New 2006
Zion Classic 80s/90s