Many people find out what mouthpiece their favorite player use run out and get one for themselves. Everybody is different physically and so this almost always ends in disappointment. But it is still fun to see what they use.

Louis Armstrong: 7C Leblanc France and others Selmer, Schilke, Giardinelli, Bach
Eric Aubier: Bach 1 1/2C
Chet Baker: Bach 6B, 6C, 5B, 10-3/4
Alison Balsom: Bach 1-1/4C
Jeff Beal: Bach 1 C
Randy Brecker: 2 1/2 C megatone
Wild Bill Davison: Bach 10 1/2 C
Harry Glanz: Bach 3C, 6C
Adolph Herseth: Bach 1, 7B, 7C
Al Hirt: Jet-Tone
Wynton Marsalis: Bach 1-1/4C
Doc Severinsen: Bach 3C and other brands
Woody Shaw: Bach 5C & 7C