By Minette

For a new piano teacher, the numerous piano method books available today can be overwhelming. New teachers often choose a piano method based on a fellow teacher’s recommendation or use the books they learned about.  And for a new teacher, this may be the best option.  A teacher should be confident and not distracted by the material.

I hope though, that new teachers explore some of the other options that are available.  Every piano book series has its own merits and values. There may be a better match for the student.  And a better match for the teacher as well.  The many different method books available offer an opportunity to match the teaching style to the student’s needs in very productive ways.

When choosing a method for a student, you might consider age, interest and goal.  Age and interest are fairly easy.  How old are you and what kinds of music do you like?  The answer can quickly narrow the field.  Their “goal” can be a little trickier as it is a balance of a student’s goal, a parent’s goal and a realistic expectation.  As you know, goals are not always based on the amount of time parent and students are willing to put into the learning process.  But that is the subject of another series.

Over this series of posts, we will be exploring a bit on the many types of method books out there.  Hopefully, it will offer some insight on what to try next.