About Us

NOVA Music is a full-service music store offering instruments for sale and rent, lessons, workshops, and a music community of guitar, ukulele, band and orchestra musicians. The store also specializes in ukuleles offering the widest selection in the area.

NOVA music is located in Old Town Manassas, Virginia and maintains a lesson studio behind the post office in historic Clifton, Virginia. NOVA’s small-town charm, affordable prices, and friendly community of staff and musicians are here to help with every aspect of a musician’s life. Established in December 2010, NOVA Music is a family-owned small business recognized by NAMM as one of the Top 100 Music Stores in the country and Best Emerging Dealer in 2012. For owner Erich RussekRobbins, a song writer and professional musician for many years, the store is a life-long dream.  The employees at NOVA Music are also musicians and have a great love of music.

The philosophy at NOVA Music is to present the best instruments and best value available in the market in a variety of price ranges. We have a wide array of musical merchandise from electric and acoustic guitars to wind instruments. Price shoppers can feel at ease knowing our prices are competitive with the warehouse-type music store but with the added value of attentive and personalized service. We stock many of the instruments that those other stores do not carry.  And if we do not have something, we will special order it for you.

  • We Open In Clifton

    Our first location was in the front room of this house in Historic Clifton, VA.  The back part was the Clifton Café,  With in 6 months we outgrew this location.

  • NOVA Focuses on Ukuleles

    Early on we thought our love of the ukulele as a great focus for the store.

  • Our Workshops Overflow Our Space

    Overflow of our workshops (Like this one with Grammy Award winner Marcy Marxer) and our Acoustic Open Jam filled the coffee shop next door.

  • New Store 2011 (Clifton)

    In July of 2011 we moved into this house around the corner.   With the additional space we were able to expand our lesson offerings, host special shows, and a recording studio.

  • Best Emerging Dealer, NAMM Top 100

    In 2012 we were recognized as one of the Top 100 Music Dealers in the country.  We also won Best Emerging Dealer the same year.

  • Terra Gets Involved

    With a small investment, Terra started her own section in the store.  Over time by reinvesting, she has grown it quite impressively.

  • Manassas

    June 2012 we found that we had to move one last time. We moved to Old Town Manassas. We still have a lesson space behind the Post Office in Clifton.

  • Special Friends Perform at NOVA

    In Manassas we started on Saturday night all ages free concert series.  Pictured is Karizmatic Trio Los Enchantadores.

  • 200 Vintage Guitars

    At the end of 2013 we added a Vintage Guitar Collection which included access to more than 200 gutars.  Here you can find amazing guitars of all types and ages.

  • Top 100 Dealer 2nd Time

    In 2013 NOVA was again named as a NAMM Top 100 Dealer.  That is Erich on the top left photo.

  • Friends in Manassas

    We have made some great friends in Manassas

  • Workshops

    We held workshops with Pierre Bensusan, Alex De Grassi, Bill Kirchen, Marcy Marcer, Kathy Fink and others

  • NOVA Joins NAMM’s Annual Fly-in 2015

    WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 18: NAMM members attend a reception and dinner at Nelson Mullins as part of NAMM’s D.C. Fly-in on May 18, 2015 in Washington DC.  (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for NAMM)

  • Top 100 Dealer 2015

    NAMM named us Top 100 for a 3rd time.

  • 10,000 Likes on FaceBook

    October 10, 2015 NOVA Music Center’s 10,000 like!

  • NAMM Fly-in 2016

    NOVA paticipates in NAMM’s 2016 Fly-in.

  • NOVA Becomes Environmentally Conscious

    NOVA reduces it ecological footprint  

  • NAMM Top 100 Dealer

    NAMM named us Top 100 for a 4th time.

  • New Fender Dealer

    We became a Fender Dealer

  • Added Intrest Free Financing

    As a new service to our customers we added found sources of interest free financing to offer.