The table below is compiled from many sources. The table lists trumpet players and the Bach horn they play. Some players play more than one brand.  The list is sorted by brand.  Interesting stuff.

Bach Ole Edvard Antonsen Bach
Bach Eric Aubier Bach
Bach Harry Freistadt Bach
Bach Jim Rotondi Bach
Bach William Vacchiano Bach
Bach Lew Soloff Bach
Bach Michael Sachs Bach ML bore
Bach Michael Phillippe Bach 180s37
Bach Christopher Martin Bach 25
Bach Dontae Winslow Bach 25 bell Large Bore
Bach Roy Hargrove Bach 25 Large Bore
Bach Leon Merian Bach 25L
Bach Ambrose Akinmusire Bach 37
Bach Michael Anderson Bach 37
Bach Guido Basso Bach 37
Bach Johnny Coles Bach 37
Bach Russell Gunn Bach 37
Bach Keyon Harrold Bach 37
Bach Jerry Hey Bach 37
Bach Jon Lewis Bach 37
Bach Wynton Marsalis Bach 37
Bach Christopher Martin Bach 37
Bach Lars Ranch Bach 37
Bach Woody Shaw Bach 37
Bach Phil Smith Bach 37
Bach Greg Wing Bach 37
Bach Jon-Erik Kellso Bach 37
Bach Nick Mondello Bach 37
Bach Tom Williams Bach 37 (med large bore)
Bach Gerard Schwarz Bach 37 medium bore
Bach Luca Aquino Bach 37 ml
Bach Anders Bergcrantz Bach 37 ML
Bach Tom Smith Bach 37 ML gold
Bach Ethan Bensdorf Bach 37 ML silver
Bach Charley Davis Bach 37 Sterling Bell Bb
Bach Larry Hall Bach 37 Sterling Bell
Bach Vincent Cichowicz Bach 37 with red brass bell
Bach Jesus Alemany Bach 37
Bach Rolf Smedvig Bach 37w/ thumb trigger
Bach Danny Stiles Bach 43
Bach Roy Hargrove Bach 43 silver Reverse LT Star bell
Bach Eddie Lewis Bach 43L
Bach Tom Williams Bach 43LR (med large bore
Bach Herb Alpert Bach 72
Bach Andrea Giuffredi Bach 72
Bach Leon Merian Bach 72
Bach Al Stewart Bach 72
Bach Danny Stiles Bach 72
Bach Markus Stockhausen Bach 72
Bach Greg Wing Bach 72
Bach Till Brönner Bach 72 lightweight
Bach Michael McGovern Bach 72 ml lt
Bach Scott Wendholdt Bach 72 sterling bell reverse leadpipe
Bach Wynton Marsalis Bach 72 Vindabona red brass
Bach Victor Paz Bach 72
Bach Bernie Glow Bach 72* ML Giardinelli BG (Bernie Glow model)
Bach Tom Williams Bach 72LT (gold plate-med large bore)
Bach Allen Vizzutti Bach 72LT GP
Bach Mark Inouye Bach Artisan
Bach Harry Kim Bach Artisan
Bach Ted Curson Bach Bb
Bach Sidney Mear Bach Bb (.459 bore)
Bach Enrico Rava Bach Centennial Edition
Bach Rob Zappulla Bach CL 239 Bell Custom Bach Leadpipe
Bach Maynard Ferguson Bach large bore
Bach Manny Laureano Bach large bore C with the 229 bell
Bach Freddie Hubbard Bach Mercury
Bach Greg Reese Bach ML 72 ltwt
Bach Booker Little Bach Mount Vernon
Bach Kent Jonsson Bach Mount Vernon (-63 long leadpipe)
Bach Craig Morris Bach Mt. Vernon Professional Model #43
Bach Nicholas Payton Bach Mt. Vernon Professional Model #43
Bach Dontae Winslow Bach silver 43 Reverse LT Star Bell
Bach Herb Alpert Bach Stradivarius
Bach Chet Baker Bach Stradivarius
Bach Chris Botti Bach Stradivarius
Bach Mel Broiles Bach Stradivarius
Bach Tine Thing Helseth Bach Stradivarius
Bach Valery Ponomarev Bach Stradivarius
Bach Randy Sandke Bach Stradivarius
Bach Max Schlossberg Bach Stradivarius
Bach Adrian Kelly Bach Stradivarius 180M43 with 6 leadpipe
Bach Adrian Kelly Bach Stradivarius 180ML37
Bach Rich Wetzel Bach Stradivarius 182 Bb
Bach Bruce Adams Bach Stradivarius 25 Large Bore standard weight – 72 bell
Bach Dave Douglas Bach Stradivarius large bore #25 bell
Bach Jack Sheldon Bach Stradivarius large bore (5 inch bell)
Bach James Klages Bach Stradivarius Medium bore
Bach Jeff Beal Bach Stradivarius medium with goldbrass bell
Bach Warren Luening Bach
Bach Byron Stripling Bach (New York)
Bach Liesl Whitaker Bach (New York)
Bach Claudio Menci Bb Bach 37 and Bach mod. New York
Bach Wilmer Wise Bb-Bach LB w/ 72* bell-regular weight body.
Bach Håkan Hardenberger Bob Malone Bach 229
Bach Ingrid Jensen New York Bach (M) with #67 bell