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Use the form below to tell other musicians about you, your music and the kind of situation you are looking for. We will take your input and create a one bio that we will post during our Musician Meetup event.

The Musician Meetup is a free event for musicians and bands to socialize. NOVA Music has been hosting playing events for musicians for five years and has seen many interesting music projects and bands spin off from these events. Some of our playing events include: The Open Acoustic Jam (every Friday), Electric Blues Jam, Bluegrass Jam, Kids Jam, Drum Circle and the Songwriter Circle. You can signup for these on They are all free.

Our newest group is for musician’s who want to network with other musicians. It is a perfect time to find a player, a band or other playing situation. We will use the monthly meeting to share ideas about gigging, venues, equipment, music education, websites etc. Our first event will be Saturday, June 27, 3 PM.

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